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The Nuns of Little Sisters Understand

by Gaius Famius

Published January 08, 2014

The nuns of Little Sisters understand that it is not just whether or not one directly pays for abortion that matters, but whether or not one is made complicit with abortion in any manner.  They have a clear path where they do not have to pay for abortions directly, but because that clear path requires them to sign a piece of paper in order to opt out that makes them complicit with the offering of abortion drugs to their employees by “deputizing a third party” to provide them, they are refusing to sign the paper, even though it won't cost them a single dime.

The government is determined to coerce all of us into being complicit with the abortion death machine, whether we directly pay for abortions or not.  Even if an individual chooses an ACA compliant insurance plan that does not offer elective abortion, by being part of the ACA healthcare system, every individual will be indirectly supporting non-elective abortion.

We haven't read the legal suits of the almost 100 lawsuits filed against the employer mandate by various non-profit and for profit organizations, but the lawsuit by the Little Sisters of the Poor stands out to us because they are refusing to be complicit even in a way that does not cost them any money.  To our knowledge, all of the other lawsuits involve the direct payment for abortion services or drugs, and there is even disagreement amongst the suits as to which contraceptive services constitute abortion services.  From what we have seen, only the Little Sisters have refused to be a part of any of it.

This is the stand that all Americans need to take, whether they are nuns, part of a religious organization, just trying to make a living, or even part of that growing but rare group of atheist pro-lifers whose pro-life stand is based upon logic and not on religious freedom.  Everyone, or at least the majority that claims to be pro-life, needs to take a stand where they refuse to have any part of the ACA healthcare system simply because to do so will mean being complicit with a government run abortion death machine.

Just suppose that the ACA healthcare worked exactly as advertised.  Suppose that all of the computer systems worked flawlessly, with no security issues.  Suppose that policy rates really were cheaper, and that the policies really did provide better coverage.  Suppose you could keep your own doctor and receive all of the treatments that he recommended.  Suppose that you could easily identify which policies paid for abortion and abortion contraceptive services, and you could easily choose a policy which didn't pay for these services directly.

Even if all of these suppositions were true, it would still be wrong to be a part of the ACA healthcare system because the very system itself supports, pays for, and provides both elective and non-elective abortion services. Anything you do in any way to use or support the ACA healthcare system makes you complicit in the abortion death machine.

How many Americans will refuse to participate on the abortion issue alone?  Probably very few.  There will be many that will refuse on economic issues, or because they can't keep their doctor, or because they can't receive the care that they desire.  These are all, ultimately, selfish reasons.  When these objections have all been answered, will these people still refuse on the abortion issue alone?

There is one group that will, and that is the Little Sisters of the Poor.  How alone will they be?  Only time will tell.

It is only a matter of time before all local and state laws restricting abortion are overturned by new national laws and/or regulations that will prohibit local and state laws from interfering with the delivery of ACA compliant abortion services.  This is evident in the government's actions against the Little Sisters.  While appearing to offer the Little Sisters a loophole allowing them to opt out of directly providing contraceptive abortion services, the government pulled a slick one and changed the opt out form so that the Little Sisters would become complicit by signing the very form designed to opt them out!  It's a good thing that the Little Sisters read the fine print.

So the opt out really isn't an opt out.  Rest assured that the government will find similar underhanded means to shut down and close up all loopholes in order to make everyone complicit in one manner or another.  The Obama administration has already promised in court, on the record, to close the loopholes through rulemaking.

The nuns of Little Sisters are among the very few that seem to understand just how dire the situation is.  Clearly they are hopeful that the Supreme Court will rule in their favor and give them a non-complicit opt out.  It's possible, but we think that it is highly improbable that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of the nuns.  Even if the Supreme Court does, the government will invent new ways around whatever ruling is passed down.

After that there is still the matter of individuals who won't be protected by any ruling, even if it goes in the nun's favor.  Even if employers are eventually able to opt out, the individual mandate has already been upheld, and as we pointed out above, any ACA compliant healthcare policy, whether through an exchange or an employer, will directly or indirectly support abortion and abortion services.

In that situation, the only way to have a non-ACA compliant insurance policy will be to work for someone like the Little Sisters.  This is why the government is so determined to close even this loophole off.  Even if this loophole can't be closed off, the majority of Americans simply cannot be employed by the limited number of religious organizations that will take a stand against ACA compliant abortion services.  There is no opt out for individuals, and since the individual mandate has already been upheld by the Supreme Court, there's not even the possibility of an individual opt out coming into existence.

A non-religiously based individual opt out is extremely important.  Not everyone that is pro-life is Catholic.  Not everyone that is pro-life is even religious.  What about the individual who is morally opposed to abortion in all it's forms, but is not a member of a religious organization?  Does he have no rights then?  Under current law, he does not.

We have said this before, and we will say it again, mandatory support for the abortion death culture is now the law of the land.  Local and state restrictions on abortion no longer matter because national law trumps local and state laws, and it is only a matter of time, and not very much at that, before all local and state restrictions are nullified.  As an individual, you cannot opt out of the new national abortion death machine.  Maybe the Little Sisters will be successful.  If they are, it would be a crack in the wall.  But even if they aren't, they have at least taken a stand on pure moral principle.

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