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Stop Infanticide

The 100% Pro-Life Blog of

Gaius Famius

No Abortion.  No Capital Punishment.

No War.  No Euthanasia.

Stop Infanticide

The 100% Pro-Life Blog of Gaius Famius, saying the things that nobody wants to hear.  No Abortion.  No Capital Punishment.  No War.  No Euthanasia.


The right to life is written in our DNA, and Biografos is a new philosophy based upon this irrefutable scientific fact, and is compatible with non-violent religions.  The right to life is our foundational human right, and therefore affects everything we do and believe.

1 Min Humor

Everyone needs humor in their lives, even God has a sense of humor.  Clean, original jokes to make you smile unless you are a curmudgeon.

5 Min with God

In a busy busy world, we can easily forget to spend even 5 Min a day with God, our creator.  This is a starting point, although not yet a daily email.

Village Joker

Dystopian jokes for those trapped in a freedom loving, politically correct, religiously correct, humorously correct, 100% surveillance police village… because every village needs it’s Joker!

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