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State of the Unborn

by Gaius Famius

Published January 28, 2014

During the 64 minute State of the Union speech by President Obama, not a single word was uttered about the ongoing slaughter and holocaust of Unborn babies in America.

During the 64 minute State of the Union speech, approximately 147 Unborn babies were slaughtered.

Had these 147 babies been killed in a school shooting during the State of the Union address, the President would have interrupted his speech to pay homage to these 147 slaughtered babies.

Not a word.

Not a single word about the 147 babies being slaughtered during the State of the Union address.

Not a single one of the other issues mentioned by the President in his State of the Union address matter in the slightest as long as the slaughter of babies continues.

Every voter should vote only on the single issue of abortion and only for candidates that stand on the 100% abolition of abortion.

Everything else is meaningless as America plunges headlong towards judgment for the Unborn Holocaust.

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Notes:  At the time of the writing of this article, the exact length of the speech has not yet been released, and the 64 minutes is derived from the average length of State of the Union speeches by President Obama, and will be updated when final figures become available.

Approximately 3304 babies are slaughtered in America every day, or 137.6 every hour, or 2.29 every minute.  Multiplied by 64 minutes, approximately 146.8 babies were slaughtered during the President's speech.