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Heritage Foundation Article on Abortion Funding

by Gaius Famius

Published January 29, 2014

There is a current article/paper, called a backgrounder, by Sarah Torre of the Heritage Foundation, citation below, that provides some good research and thoughts on abortion funding and Obamacare.

There is no need for us to rewrite the article, so we only highlight a couple of points below and recommend that you read it for yourself.  This article confirms some of the previous research and suppositions that we have previously published ourselves.

One of the items they address is the Hyde amendment, and while the Hyde amendment still permits federal funding for non-elective abortions, it should be noted that there is no Hyde amendment or Hyde amendment like language attached to the ACA, and therefore not even any restrictions on elective abortions, much less non-elective abortions.

Throughout the article the adjective “elective” is used repeatedly in front of abortion, and it is obvious that none of the restrictions apply to non-elective abortions

The article does make the point showing where elective abortion coverage is permitted that government funds can be used to pay for “health coverage that includes elective abortion”.

While by 2017, every insurance exchange will be required to have at least one plan that excludes elective abortion coverage, there are no requirements that this one plan be equal to any of the other plans offered, and may actually not be compatible to the plan that a family needs.  In other words, the plan you need may only be available with elective abortion coverage.  

Of course, we want to remind everyone that all of the plans will include non-elective abortion coverage, and in spite of all the rigamarole, there is no way out of paying for non-elective abortion coverage or coverage of abortion-inducing drugs and devices and contraception.

In the section titled “Entangling Taxpayers in Abortion Coverage and Compromising Conscience Rights”, the author Sarah Torre makes several good points that even we have failed to point out.  Needless to say, the more we learn, the worse it gets.

There are many other details that make this article well worth reading, and it is well presented and summarized, covering most of the issues.

We do not share the Heritage Foundation's hope, though, that Obamacare can be repealed because we do not believe that will happen unless it is simultaneously replaced with a single payer system.

Read and educate yourself.

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Below are citations for more background information.

Obamacare's Many Loopholes: Forcing Individuals and Taxpayers to Fund Elective Abortion Coverage

by Sarah Torre